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I have a gift to teach!!!


  • Environmental Science (ESS 100, SC225)

  • General Biology I/II (BIO 141/142)

  • Life Science (BIO 131)

  • Organic Chemistry I/II (CHM 343/344)

  • Algebra I/Algebra, Trig & Geometry (MAT 131)

  • Physics (Upward Bound)

  • General Chemistry (Upward Bound)

  • Physical Science (Upward Bound)

  • Student Lecturer-CEE 423/523---The University of Alabama Department of CCEE 



  • CE Course Design: Onsite Wastewater Systems---The University of Alabama  Department of CCEE

  • The Environmental & Us: Understanding the world around us through a Cultural Lens (coming soon)

  • Environmental & Social Justice (coming soon).

  • Climate Change & Resiliency (coming soon)

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